Budget to travel to Sri Lanka (II)


Water (1.5 l) cheaper: 50 rupees (0.31 euros), in most places
Cheaper beer (500 ml, but not in a bar): 120 rupees (0.76 cents) (you pay 150 rupees, the difference is returned to you when you deliver the empty bottle), Trincomalee
Cheaper food: 130 rupees (0.83 euros) khotta with egg and a bottle of Sprite, Ahangama (exactly the plate in the photo)
Most expensive meal: 920 rupees (5.82 euros), grilled tuna with chips and salad, a beer (200 rupees), taxes and tip (80 rupees) included, Negombo


Internet call to Spain: 4 rupees (0.025 euros) per minute
Conventional call to Spain: from 40 to 55 rupees (0.25 to 0.35 eur) per minute


Kandy, Buddah Tooth Temple: 500 rupees (3.09 euros) plus 150 rupees (0.93 euros) to take pictures
Horton Plains Natural Park: 3245 rupees (20.29 euros)
Dambulla, Cave Temple: 1100 rupees (7.01 euros)
Combined access to the Triangle of Ancient Cities: Rs 6,000 (38.54 euros)

In the end, spending 24 days touring Sri Lanka made him a small hole to my portfolio of 522.3 euros distributed as follows:

Accommodation: 135.6 euros

Purchases: 107.08 euros

Transportation in Sri Lanka: 88.29 euros (does not include the plane ticket)

Tickets: 82.97 euros

Food: 79.85 euros

Miscellaneous: 11.56 euros

Communications: 10.91 euros

Tips: 6.05 euros

In case anyone wonders in what noses I have spent 107.08 euros, the answer is fifteen postcards and their corresponding stamps, a large bottle of Arrack (a typical liquor) and a small one, an official polo of the cricket team, the same article but Child size for the son of some friends, an ebony box, a large Buddha figure, a set of four ebony elephants, a beautiful decorative batik, etc, etc ...