Backpack for girls


In Viajablog we have given our advice on what type of backpack to buy and what to put inside before making a long trip. However, it is very likely that we will forget about our genes important details for the female sex that today we will try to correct with the splendid information that Yola offers in her blog with her backpacking tips for girls.


Women tend to notice more cold and to avoid it we will use thermal t-shirts with quick drying and minimum weight. These indoor shirts are ideal to complement with everyday shirts. Synthetic materials such as polypropylene keep the heat wonderful but are useless against the wind. We will solve that with the windbreaker or other intermediate garments.

The clothes

The truth is that there are no big differences between boys and girls. If you wear thermal t-shirts and you are cold, the ideal would be a second layer of polyester (the typical fleece) and a thin windbreaker. For me they are the three fundamental layers with which I can climb to 4,000 meters and avoid overweight or excessive sweating.

A special feminine touch in terms of clothing is the handkerchief. A garment that serves a thousand possibilities such as wearing scarf, headband, head scarf, pareo, miniskirt even towel or tablecloth. Without a doubt, a multi-purpose with full rules and with the minimum weight.

The bag

The differences between sexes is very evident. With the exception of fundamental elements (I hope for everyone) such as soap and toothbrush, we have great differences in terms of hair maintenance, hair removal and menstruation.


Although Yola comments that it is an exclusive theme for the girls I disagree since I have a few friends whose devotion to their wavy mane is almost obsessive.

In my travels I have seen many girls shaved or with dreadlocks; Without a doubt, it is the most comfortable option to travel (especially the first one) although of course, many will refuse to cut their beautiful hair. Really with little time you can take care of yourself and it is not necessary to take drastic solutions such as shaving.

It is essential to untangle it well, use small bottles of mask that can end up in your backpack by magic after visiting a hotel. The foam is an expendable item since after days in the backpack you can lose pressure and to replace its properties you can use beer and thus we get a slight fixation and give shine to the hair. On the contrary, lemon juice can give you more fixation. If we still want more fixation we can mix the lemon with a little sugar or honey.

The first aid kit

It is likely that girls need to throw more pain relievers because of the influence of menstruation in the body.

The makeup

In a long time trip it seems unnecessary but the small weight that occupies an eyeliner, something for the shine and a cocoa of lips (essential for boys and girls especially in high-altitude areas) can always be put in the backpack without problems.


Girls, the belt is the most important part of the backpack since it carries the weight towards the legs and avoids back problems. There are a few brands of backpack that have exclusive models for women. Not surprisingly, a girl's hips are very different from those of men and it is undoubtedly a key piece to correctly transport the weight to the quadriceps.

Can you think of anything more essential in a girl's backpack?

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